Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bashing Rahm is Fun

Infowars - Rahm Emanuel Doesn’t Pay Taxes, So Why Should You?

Rahm Emmanuel telling you what he has to say!

Well you know what, if Mr. Rahm doesn't have to pay shit while he decides where to spend my money, then the IRS can kiss my hairy ass. Mr. Chief of Fraud may have use of this device here in order to remove the hair from my ass out of his teeth.

Time for this fuckass Rahm to confess that he is a terrorist, and he most likely lost his finger while it was up George Bush's ass.

Tenth Amendment Center - Tennessee Sovereignty Resolution

Remember that when 35 states decide that they want the President out, goodbye Obama. You get to take the road of dumbass dictator who got caught. Please enter here. It's the hall of shame, which most likely resembles the presidential escape tunnel built by the Jolly Green Giant.

So Tennessee now gives the finger to Obama, something they already accomplished in the election. Of course, the morons who believe a word Obama, the 10% black and 90% white man, say have deluded themselves by eating too much toothpaste.

Ah the sheeple of America that still continue to follow Obama because he might do something good! Yes, rumors I've heard is that his next plan is to bomb any states that rebel against his Empire. Look Darth, get over your power trip. You're a white guy wearing make-up to make you look blacker. The only person you're fooling are these brainwashed morons that like cheese.

And yes, Obama you are not only like Hitler, you are following his damned plan like a Bible. Fuck the President. Let's see if I get censored or threatened with jail.